The ASP.NET Aggregate RSS Feed - Why YOUR post is missing.

Some of you have noticed :) there are a number of new bloggers on

Some are adding great posts of technical value.

Others are posting less useful information like letting us know that the overslept today.

Thanks to all of you have have emailed me to share your frustrations (ScottGu included.)

I've been doing feature planning for some time to add much greater "Social Networking" functionality to including blog and post rating and a variety of related RSS features.

Unfortunately,  developer resources are limited, etc, etc, etc.

In the mean time, if you are a brand new blogger and have noticed that your blog posts are not appearing in the main aggregation, it's because you made a non technical post and included it in the main feed, and it got some negative attention.

As a compromise, I'll be manually tailoring the aggregate RSS feed to filter out blogs that are still "learning the ropes".

Don't worry if you get filtered, it's just temporary until the community is ready for you :)

To avoid this, simply keep your non-technical posts out of the aggregate feed.

It's easy to do !


When you write a new blog post, BEFORE YOU CLICK PUBLISH !, hit the advanced options tab and click NO next to "Publish to sites aggregate list."

The old timers here will love you for it !