The flip side of Open Source ?


There is a reason they call me the Misfit Geek :)

I've been doing PHP work for almost 10 years and I've worked at Microsoft for 7 of them.

When I talk about Open Source, it's not form a "religions" perspective. I'm interested in the applications, the people and the business model.

A PHP friend, Wez Furlong,  share a passion for making things that were necessarily designed to work together do exactly that. Wez is a pretty big figure in the PHP world and we did a panel together a few years ago at MIX in which Wez brilliantly described Open Source as "Itch Driven Development".

The point is, it's the community need that drive the success of an Open Source project, no matter what the underlying technology.

This one died.

Ceck out my next blog post for a not on a COOL project that is alive and well !