The Intercontental Super Heavyweight Championship

JasonI’ve been involved in the sport of Kickboxing for over 30 years.

Up until this January I owned a Gym and now am a (somewhat) silent partner in one.

This guy, Jason “The Trooper” Bonacorsi is one of the fighters that I’ve trained fort about 10 years.

He’s won the US Heavyweight Processional Kickboxing Championship, The North American Pro Title and lost an attempt at the Super Cruiser Weight Title (Which he had to loose 20 pounds for.)

In two weeks he’s fighting for the PKF Super Heavyweight Intercontinental Championship.

The Guy he’s fighting is the current USKBA World Heavyweight Champion.

The reason I’m blogging this is that he’s broken all his sparring partners. So with two weeks left to go, I’m wrapping myself in rubber and going to the gym tonight to spar with him. (It’s been over a year since I really sparred with a pro.)

So…. If this is my last blog post, I’ve enjoyed writing to you all. Donations can be sent to the “Joe’s Kids Foolish Dad Died Because he Never Grew Up Fund”.