VerizonWireless - You Suck !

So, I’m home with Pneumonia, and my wife is confined to bed rest after having surgery, but…..  I had to make a trip to the pharmacy to pick up some more of the medication they put me on for my lungs.


The pharmacy is right across the street from the VerizonWireless store so, I figured while they were filling my prescription I thought I would run over to the phone store to ……


  1. Get them to fix my screwed up, 7 month old, top of the line Samsung Phone




  1. Pass around the pneumonia bug in thanks for any of the previously UNDERWhelming service experiences that they have shared with me.


So I arrive at the store where a Hostess (Brian) takes my number for the first available representative.


During my 20 Minute wait I count. 11 Verizon Employees on the floor – ONLY 14 Customers in the store, Argggg.


After 20 minutes some “clearly too important and busy last year’s graduate” calls my name and I go over to his phone booth to explain my problems.


  1. My wife’s phone doesn’t charge, really never has. The phone was $40, I’ll buy a new one.


PROBLEM – the phone came with a one year warranty, I bought a two year plan

SORRY – You’re not illegible for a phone upgrade until July, but I can sell you a RETAIL version of that phone for $249


FU snotty sales guy J - Maybe it’s a T-Mobile Day !


  1. My own phone, Top of the Line when I bought it 7 months ago for $349 has all of a sudden started to cut out on me.


NO PROBLEM – that phone is still under warranty.



There are SEVEN people in the new line – ONE Verizon rep serving them.

Several of the other TEN employees are standing around chatting WITH EACHOTHER.


After another 20 minutes I’m front of the line – EXCEPT PHONES CALLS ARE HIGHER PRIORITY than waiting customers. SO I wait some more.


Finally the service guy looks at my phone.

After a few minutes he says to me, “Nothing wrong with your phone! I just need to add some programming – we made a bunch of changes to our network that screw up a lot of the phones.


DUH !   Might have been nice to be notified since they KNEW they were screwing up many customer’s service.


Why don’t I DUMP them ????  I try. First they wouldn’t transfer Phone Numbers (I’ve had my business cell number for 8 years) up in my neck of the woods they have the best coverage (which is probably why the survive treating their customers like shit.)


Currently I’m trying a T-Moble Phone. I love the device but the coverage seems not to be too good.


I’m also gonna check out AT&T Wireless.


But in the meantime – VerizonWireless – YOU SUCK !


Disclaimer: Like is says above, the views expresse3d here are not necessarily those of my employer.