Games on the Zune

I was really excited to hear that XNA 3.0 will support game development for the Zune. I've always been interested in XNA and have secretly dreamed of writing my own Xbox 360 game ever since the alpha. Sadly I just don't seem to find the spare time.

Key features

As I looked at the info released on the XNA Creators Club these are the features that caught my interest:

2D graphics

Well this was a no-brainer. I don't think anyone expected the Zune to have a full-featured 3D API available.

Support for all Zunes

This was really cool. XNA Game Studio will not only support the second generation Zunes (Zune 4/8 & Zune 80) but the first generation devices as well (Zune 30).

Access to music and Pictures

As long as the music isn't DRM protected it's available to use in the application.

Wireless support

This is probably the coolest. I'm really glad they got this included from the start.


I know this is a bit outside my normal scope. I just thought it was some pretty cool news and I didn't see them coming...

/ Johan