How do developers want to be educated?

We are continuosly trying to improve our strategies when it comes to meeting developers, and helping them educate themselves as well as introducing them to new topics. I am however wondering, are we doing it right? In Sweden we are currently creating and delivering a couple of resourses:

1. MSDN Live - a roadshow with 200-300 level topics in which we lately chose to present and demonstrate design patterns for web development and also some deep level sessions on XML Web Services. Usually between 200 and 400 people in the audience. Free of charge.

2. MSDN Workshops - hands-on sessions in small groups, around 20 attendees, with topics like BizTalk Server 2004, Web Services Enhancements, Managed DirectX. Free of charge.

3. Developer Conferences - half or full day with topic towards either specific products, technologies or markets segments (Bank and Finance, Telco). Sometimes invited speakers from abroad. Small fee.

4. MSDN TV - On Demand presentations with demonstrations. Usually around 30 minutes long including one or two demonstrations. Swedish speakers, introduction to technologies, 46 sessions available as I write this. Free of charge.

5. MSDN Flash - Newsletter with localized content and local activities, both delivered by Microsoft and partners.

6. MSDN Web - Local web-site with local information, including a monthly topic in which we introduce developers to our technologies and products.

We are also doing a lot of other activities but I think the above specifies our on-going plans and the recurring resources.

I am however wondering, what do you developers really feel we should be doing and spend our time on? What resources would you like us to share and what topics should we invest time in presenting. Send feedback to me...


Johan Lindfors