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I've been tagged by Mats Helander, and apparently this means I have to write five things that people probably didn't know about me and then tag five more people. I've never been much for chain letters and such, but I will give this a try and hopefully don't upset the tagged ones to much.

  1. I'm a decent guitar player
    In my early years I tried to make sort of a living by playing guitar and singing in restaurants and pubs, I even tried to write some own material but it all got way too emotional, decent melodies but lyrics about broken hearts, and there's enough of those songs already.
  2. I'm too social
    Well, at least according to my wife, and this is because everywhere I go I tend to meet someone I know or at least used to know, and each and every time I like to catch up on lost memories. This also gives me headaches each and every time I go shopping at the mall or stroll around in the city, since I have too look everyone in the face, I could miss someone I know, and we wouldn't want that, would we?
  3. I love movies, but not scary ones
    I can handle scary movies as well, if I've already seen them once and know when everything bad is happening. I purchase a couple of DVD's each months and not just "good" ones, usually I don't spend much time on academy award winning movies like "My Africa", instead I like my movies to give me a couple of minutes of not thinking of anything else, like "Long Kiss Goodnight", "Matrix" or simply "Monsters Inc".
  4. I'm struggling with my weight
    Well I don't think that I'm the only one according to all magazines and news around this time of year, but I've actually weighed a bit above 100 kilograms a couple of years ago and are now closing in on 85 instead. A good breakfast, some exercise and a will to say 'no' seems to be enough to get in shape.
  5. "Trolltyg i tomteskogen"
    When I was a child I had the opportunity to dub the cartoon movie "Trolltyg i tomteskogen" (don't know the english title). I played the character of the Tim who had turned 35 and just stopped using dipers. I was so into the character during the recording that they couldn't make me laugh, even though they tickled me. Instead my friend had to giggle in place. Also I though that I was going to get filthy rich, but ended up earning 100 SEK (around $15), a bit disappointed I recall!

Ok, so was that personal enough? I'd like to tag Richard Richtoff, Joakim Sundén, Fredrik Normén, Zman, Mikael Deurell

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