Code reviews before applying a Team Foundation Server shelveset

When our team started using the TFS code repository features, we began using shelvesets to bundle changed files together for code reviews. Other team members can retrieve your shelvesets and apply the changes. The problem was that we often wanted to see what had changed in the source files rather than re-reviewing the entire file. Here how you can do this before applying the shelveset:

1. Right click the solution name in the Solution Explorer

2. Select Unshelve Pending Changes from the right click menu – This will bring up the Unshelve dialog box

3. In the Unshelve dialog box

a. Type the username of the person whose shelvesets you want to access in the Owner name text box.

b. Click the Find button – That will display a list of that user’s shelvesets

c. You have two choices: Single click the shelveset name and then click the Details button or double click the shelveset name. Either way will bring up the Shelveset Details dialog box

4. In the Shelveset Details dialog box, you will see a list of files that are included in the shelveset.

5. To see the changes in a particular file, right click the file name, select Compare and the appropriate comparison file. The menu offers two choices: an unmodified version of the file and the last checked in version. If you also have the file checked out in your workspace, that choice is also available. A difference window will be displayed which shows you the changes and allows you to navigate through them with arrow buttons.

When a new file is added you can only view the file. To view a file, double click the file name. You can also single click it and then click the View File icon in the tool bar. This will display the file in the default editor, usually Notepad.