Compulsory Introductory Post

Just a few words about myself and the purpose of this blog.

I work as part of the MSN Portal International team in London, but we have a pretty wide remit to work on lots of MSN-based software so I get to work across many different areas of development. For instance, in the last two years I've worked on the team that built the internal content management system for the MSN portal sites, helped build the MSN Screen Saver, and am currently doing some work with the MSN Search team.

Working across a wide range of technologies means I'm a jack of all trades (with the obvious follow up!), but that also means I'm lucky that I'm constantly learning new skills in different areas.

I thought it might be interesting that I try to blog useful pieces of information that I find out during during my work. At worst it will be a useful repository for me of all those pieces of information I find useful, and at best other people might find some helpful information in here too.