Learn. Teach. Share.

I love to learn. That’s why I’m here. Every day I am learning about technology and the best and most productive ways to ply it to the complex relationship between people, organizations and industries. The promise of constant learning is one of the more compelling reasons I joined Microsoft.

I also love to teach. I’ve always believed that great ideas, poorly communicated, are diminished. I’ve worked very hard over the years to become a competent communicator of ideas. When I communicate ideas, I try and follow the Gricean maxims. I will continue to try my best to follow those maxims here.

I will now, however, go about the business of violating the Maxim of Quantity by telling you that I make mistakes. I will opine and when I do, I will do my best to ensure that that opinion is based upon the best information available to me and my best ability to process and communicate such information. I will not always be right and that’s where sharing comes in. It is through sharing my ideas with you and you reciprocating that we can both learn from, and teach, each other. It is my sincere hope that this can become a forum for the sharing of ideas and that the information I present here will become the basis for that sharing. Without that interaction – that back and forth – this process will be a lot less valuable and a lot less fun. So when you choose to share (and I hope you choose to do so often), be nice, be respectful and be honest. I will do the same.