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Internet Connected Appliances

LaundryIn a recent IT Time TechNet Radio interview last month I mentioned my condo building was in the process of updating the laundry room with new, INTERNET connected washer/dryers.   That’s right!!  Washers and dryers connected to the internet. 

Why Do I care? 

Well living in a 34 story high-rise means the laundry room is busy a lot of the time.  Schlepping my laundry down to the laundry room and finding out there are no available machines is quite annoying.  Especially when I get down there and half the machines have finished their cycle but they haven’t been unloaded.  Ugh!!!!

Well, LaundryView is the company with the cool software that does a couple of things.  First, I can go online and see what washers and dryers are available, I can even see if they are in use how much more time is left before they’re finished. 

That’s not all!!!  Once I go down, load my machines and start them, I can request a text to my phone to let me know when the machines are done.  So, no more forgetting to go down and empty the machines.


Laundry1In the example on the top left, I took this snapshot at about 6:30pm last night.  You can see practically all the dryers are available and three of the washers have a little time left.

I waited about 10 mins and then rechecked the status.  As you can see in the second screenshot, the machines are now IDLE which means whoever loaded them needs to get down there and unload! 

Or better, they need to learn to use the texting option!!!  Smile