Migrating Mapped Network Printers and Network Drives with the MDT 2010 Update 1


I was asked about printer migrations using the MDT 2010 last week and wasn’t sure about the answer.  I did some digging around and found some information that will be helpful if you’re trying to do this.

Before I point to the KB article that has the fix for the networked printers I also found this nugget of info that tells you what operating-system settings the USMT 4.0 does NOT migrate:

  • Local printers, hardware-related settings, drivers, passwords, application binary files, synchronization files, DLL files, or other executable files.
  • Permissions for shared folders. After migration, you must manually re-share any folders that were shared on the source computer.
  • Files and settings migrating between operating systems with different languages. The operating system of the source computer must match the language of the operating system on the destination computer.
  • Customized icons for shortcuts may not migrate.
  • Taskbar settings, when the source computer is running Windows XP.
  • Network printers and the following firewall settings when the source computer is running Windows XP.
    • The Internet Connection Sharing setting is not migrated because it can make the network less secure if it is migrated to the destination computer.
    • The firewall advanced-configuration settings are not migrated because of increased security risks.
    • The Network Connections user interface will not completely refresh until you log off or press F5.
    • Bridge settings are not migrated; for example, bridging a virtual private network to a second network adapter.


That being said, if you check the KB article below it tells how to fix this problem.  It requires you make some modifications to the script Ztiuserstate.wsf.

From Microsoft Support article KB 977565:

“You back up the user state on a client computer by using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 together with User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0 that is included with Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7. However, items such as mapped network drives and network printers are not migrated from the source computer.

This issue occurs because the Ztiuserstate.wsf script that is in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 uses an incorrect working directory by default.”