Replacing My Kitchen Faucet Saga

Note:   This is NOT computer related, but merely a cathartic rant about my faucet saga.  Smile

While cleaning up some dishes I noticed my feet were getting wet.  Couldn’t understand how that could be as I wasn’t splashing the water out of the sink.  I opened the door under the sink and much to my dismay the closet was spilling water out onto the floor.  After some quick troubleshooting, well it was fairly obvious, the long hose connected to the pull-out faucet was leaking.  No problem, that’s a simple task, source a replacement hose. 

Couldn’t find one locally so I went to the vendors website, one of the big brand names, and ordered the 29” hose.   Took about a week to get here, but luckily for me I have a second “wet-bar” sink in my kitchen, even though the kitchen is the size of shoebox…  probably size 6 or 7. Smile

about a week later the hose arrives, I go to work replacing it.  Turns out whoever put this faucet in originally didn’t use the standard hose and had botched up some things under the sink to hold it together.  Took the whole faucet out which in turn broke the botched piece.  Now I’ve made my job a faucet replacement.  Called the vendor to return the hose, great customer service took about 5 mins to get that done.

Time to go to the local mega-hardware store.  Found some nice faucets, picked one and brought it home, only to find that it needs 3 holes in the kitchen counter to install.  The box said 1 or 3, but it assumed I could cut off the other two, which of course I couldn’t as I don’t have hacksaw, in fact I barely have the basic hand tools.  Note: Home DIY is not my forte.  Ok, back to the store.

Back at the store I find another faucet that looks like it will do the trick, only this one appears to be a return as the box is taped up.  Unfortunately it’s the only one of this model on the shelf so I open the box and check the contents.  Everything seems to be there.  Great, I’ll take it.

Back home with the “new” faucet I get everything installed only to find the faucet leaks.  If you’ve installed a faucet you’ll know there isn’t much to it – bolt it in place, connect the two water lines, connect the hose from the pullout faucet handle. Easy peasy.  But I’d still rather not remove it and get a replacement, so I call the vendor help line.  They tell me the valve is bad they’ll send me a new one.  I tell them what model I have and describe it to them, only to be told that I’m describing a cheaper version of the faucet I thought I bought, but either way they use the same valve and it will be there in a couple of days.

Valve arrives, I go to take the handle off the faucet and discover whoever had returned it, not only swapped the faucet for a different model, but had stripped out the allen screw so I couldn’t even remove the handle.  Argh!! 

Uninstall everything and make a trip back to the hardware store, telling them that the faucet leaks and the person who returned it before me probably knew that as they ruined the screw to remove the handle.  She gives me the look my mother used to give me when I would smile and say I hadn’t eaten chocolate before dinner, but the corners of my mouth shouted the opposite. In this case though, I was 100% honest.  I also told them not to put it back on the shelf as it’s defective.  Return was accepted and marked defective.

Went to the shelf, and now they have UNOPENED boxes of the model I had.  Grabbed one and took it home.  Paid for it first obviously!  Smile

Installed the new faucet in about 10 mins, (I’m skilled now having removed the faucet twice and installed it once already).

Everything works fine!!!!  Yay!!

Moral of the story…  don’t buy returned items in opened boxes, there’s a reason they returned it and they’re not always honest about that reason.

Better moral for me, the anti-handyman, hire a plumber!!!  Smile