Screencast Series: Step-By-Step Windows Vista "Nibbles" - Part 3 of 12 - Viewing Folders and Files in Different Ways

The Windows Explorer window is dynamic and changes to reflect the content you are viewing.  In this screencast we'll look the new layout of Windows Explorer and how we can customize our view.

The core elements of Windows Explorer are:

  • Back and Forward buttons - works in the the same way as Internet Explorer.
  • The address bar - again the same as Internet Explore, except the address will be a folder structure.
  • Search box - where you type in criteria for searches.
  • Search Pane - when enabled displays above the toolbar (not displayed by default).
  • Tool bar - is context sensitive depending on what type of file or folder is selected as well as the customization of Windows Explorer
  • Navigation Pane - Navigation around Windows Explorer can be done through this pane or through the address bar.
  • Content Pane - This is where the contents of the drive or folder are listed.
  • Preview Pane - is on the right side of the window and obviously displays a preview of the selected file (not displayed by default).
  • Details pane - gives detailed information based on the selected item, for a folder it shows the content information and for a file it gives some extra detail on the file.


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