Support WebCast: Introduction to Internet Protocol Version 6

While doing some research of IPv6 I ran across this Introduction to Internet Protocol Version 6 webcast that I thought might be of interest to many of you that need to get up-to-speed on IPv6.  

From the website:

This presentation summarizes the content in the Introduction to IPv6 white paper. It provides an overview of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) and detailed discussions of IPv6 addressing, the Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6, Multicast Listener Discovery, Neighbor Discovery, and address autoconfiguration.

This is a Level 300 session that was recorded May 18, 2006 and presented by Joseph Davies.

Joseph is a technical writer in the Windows Networking and Device Technologies group at Microsoft. He has been a technical writer and instructor of TCP/IP and networking technology topics since 1992 and has written product documentation, Web content, training courseware, and five books for Microsoft Press that include the award winning title Understanding IPv6.