TechNet Events: Windows Vista SP1 Promotional Kit - Can I Use The Product Key on 64-Bit Version

Many of you have attended our live TechNet events around the country and received the Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 Promotional Kit, which came with 32-bit media.  You may recall I posted some information earlier this month talking about the Expired Pin Problems many of you were experiencing. 

Since then I have been asked if the product key received after registering the PIN can be used with 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate. 

Here's the GOOD news....YES it can!!!  If you have access to Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit media that product key will work!!


Remember though....  

The key will ONLY work on Windows Vista SP1 media.  If you try to use the key on RTM media it will NOT work for either 32 or 64-bit.