US TechNet - Live Events in October






Join us at a TechNet event for some great sessions on Windows Vista, PowerShell and Group Policy Preferences!!

Where Are The Events?

CALIFORNIA - San Francisco - 10/7/2008

CONNECTICUT - Stamford - 10/2/2008

INDIANA - Indianapolis - 10/21/2008

MARYLAND - Baltimore - 10/7/2008

MICHIGAN - Livonia - 10/23/2008

MINNESOTA - Minneapolis - 10/28/2008

NEBRASKA - Omaha - 10/2/2008

NEW HAMPSHIRE - Nashua - 10/1/2008

OREGON - Portland - 10/28/2008

PENNSYLVANIA - Gettysburg - 10/8/2008

WASHINGTON - Bellevue - 10/30/2008

Where are the Resources?

You can download the session resources from TechNet Event Resources August-December, 2008

What Are the Sessions About?

Session 1: “Why Vista?”

While those “Mac vs. PC” commercials are entertaining, they don’t tell the whole story – especially when it comes to Windows Vista with Service Pack 1. In this session we’ll dispel some of the common myths and misperceptions about Windows Vista. We’ve been listening to your feedback since Vista’s initial release and we’ll address the top deployment blockers as reported by you, the customer. You’ll get quality technical information about why installing or upgrading to Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 can increase end-user productivity, improve stability and reliability, give IT staff more control of the desktop, and help secure your networking environment. Learn the truth about Microsoft’s new operating system and prepare to leave this session with a fresh perspective on Windows Vista.

Session 2: Managing Windows Vista with Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell provides scripting capabilities to automate system administration activities that can really help IT pros increase their productivity. In this session, we’ll focus on using Windows PowerShell with Windows Vista to manage and automate common client administration activities. We’ll explore the features and capabilities of Windows PowerShell and the Windows Vista operating system functions that can be automated, plus activities that can be automated to troubleshoot Vista client computers. Finally, we’ll touch on the new capabilities you can expect in the next version of PowerShell.

Session 3: Group Policy Preferences, Templates and Scripting

As an IT professional, you’ve probably mapped user network drives with logon scripts – which meant you had to write and debug the logon script, store the script in a central location, then run the script by configuring user objects in Active Directory or by creating a Group Policy Object. Sound familiar? Now think about all the other settings you’ve configured using logon scripts or similar methods. With Group Policy Preferences, you can cut costs (and headaches) with a simple, central system to configure, deploy and manage operating system and application settings. In this session, you’ll get the inside track on the Group Policy enhancements in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. You’ll learn about Group Policy processing, scripting, features, and how to use the template format. Don’t miss this informative session on the latest Group Policy preferences.