Windows Live Devices and Sync beta: Ever wanted to have the same files on multiple computers… and have them sync’d?

9628b760-fde7-4bf5-a79d-106f4a5b8a27One of the really cool applications that comes with the Windows Live Essentials beta is Windows Live Sync.  If you have multiple systems and are constantly copying files from one to the other and would prefer to access to the SAME file from all of your systems/devices, then Windows Live Sync is for you.

One of the main reasons I use Windows Live Sync is to have all my photographs available on all my systems, so if I add new photos to any of the systems they will automatically sync with all my other devices.   A side benefit to this is my photos are now on multiple systems so if a drive crashes on one system before I do my weekly backup, I don’t worry about losing my photos, as they will have sync’d to the other systems…  assuming of course I’ve been online so Live Sync can do its business.  (In my case if any of my systems are turned on, 99 times out of 100 they’re also on the network).

Windows Live Sync also has the ability to sync up to 2GB to SkyDrive sync storage, which means not only is the data on your devices but its also stored on SkyDrive.  Having said that, this wasn’t enough for me as I have about 20GB of photos.

Try it out, go to Windows Live Essentials beta and download it.  

Note: Windows Live Essentials beta requires Windows 7 or Windows Vista