MSMQ on Windows Phone? Very unlikely.

The announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series is going to cause some interesting problems for existing Windows Mobile applications that make use of MSMQ.

Windows Phone is a Silverlight/XNA platform, as discussed here:

Silverlight for Windows Phone

Silverlight is the application development platform for Windows Phone 7 Series.
High performance gaming is also supported through the XNA Framework.

This means that any existing Windows Mobile applications will need to be recoded (or re-written from scratch) to make use of Silverlight.

As discussed back in November, MSMQ isn't part of Silverlight for various reasons (such as cross-platform issues and client size). So if there is a requirement for messaging functionality then an alternative approach would be needed.

If this limitation affects you - either because you have a Windows Mobile application that uses messaging or you want MSMQ in Silverlight - could you please drop me an email or post a comment that describes the scenario you are developing for?

Additionally, if you have any suggestions on alternatives to providing messaging on the Windows Phone, please share.