PresentationModel and WPF

Julian Dominguez is writing a series about the PresentationModel pattern and using it with WPF. and Glenn Block has just posted a little on the same topic:

These two have been thinking a lot about application composition as part of the PRISM project.  WPF is still so new that we still don't know all the best practices and techniques...this sort of exploration and dialogue is essential to clarification and communication within the community of WPF developers, and I like what I've read so far.

 On naming, my opinion at this point is the the Model-View-ViewModel pattern is a WPF-specific version of the PresentationModel pattern.  PresentationModel is a lot easier to say and to write, and is more widely known...but for now I'm sticking to M-V-VM terminology in my own thinking in order to capture the WPF-ness and to avoid any interpretation conflicts.  I used to be a mathematician. It is very common for the author of each new paper or book on mathematics to use a slightly different definition for even basic terms like Set or Point or Line.  Usually the common terminology is worth the confusion, but sometimes it is nice to come up with a new name to clear the mental palate.