Just getting back to the office after a week out

For me, this was an unusual time away.  I had no internet access so I am working to get caught up after being gone.  Some loose ends I am working to complete:

1. Marjolein has an interesting OneNote News Radar site at http://paper.li/CleverClogs/1372102261.  I'm reading through it and working through another section of comments and questions she has compiled about OneNote looking for interesting test cases.

2. Finishing up the machine learning class I am taking on Coursera.

3. Reading through email from my blog readers and tracking bug reports and questions from them. 

4. Just generally getting back into the work routine.

Normally, I have internet access when I am out of the office but this was an exception.  It is a odd feeling to be this far behind the curve - so to speak - when I get back. 

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,