OneNote Powertoys from the PM team, and a one question survey about them


A few astute readers pointed out I (intentionally) missed a few addins the OneNote team finished last year.  Here they are:


 Search and Replace


 Send to OneNote


 Sort Pages


 Sort Sections


Blake Handler sent me this list, and keeps a TERRIFIC archive of all the addins released via Microsoft at!70F64BC910C9F7F3!1822.entry. Wow - he categorizes the freebies by product, lists the "official" and the "community" addins and has done a great job of keeping the list up to date. Bookmark that page! Thanks, Blake.


I left them off my list for a subtle reason.  I wanted to showcase the work the test team had done for the previous year, and these 4 addins were written by Dan Escapa.  He's a Program Manager on the team.  I won't hold that against him, though, and give him the credit for his work.  Plus, he is the designer of the API anyway, and without his patient answers to my questions, I could not have created the addins I did last year.  Thanks Dan!  No slight intended!


Not all addins work perfectly, though.  The reporting tools for the downloads on the ISP I use are turned on sometimes, and off others (it's a perpetual "beta" type of server).  It's hard for me to figure out how many people actually download the addins, but my reasonable guesses are in the low thousands.  Every so often, I will get a report that looks something like this:

  1. I installed your powertoy.
  2. I clicked the button for it.
  3. Nothing happened, and the button grayed out.
  4. After I restarted OneNote, the button remained grayed out.



We are trying to track that bug and need your help.  If you have installed one of the powertoys (not necessarily the ones Dan and I released, but any OneNote powertoy) which uses a toolbar button, can you answer this one question survey at  I realize this is a self selected type of survey and we need to keep that in mind when interpreting the results.  We just need to find out a rough percentage of people that have hit this problem.  Thanks!


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,