Updating the Sort Sections powertoy for OneNote 2010

Dan gave me the source code for his Sort Sections powertoy for OneNote 2007. Like all the powertoys for OneNote 2007, they will still work, but only for notebooks in 2007 format. I've seen a number of requests from folks who wanted this updated for OneNote 2010, so here it is. Down below my signature, you will see the link to download the setup file. As usual, download the ZIP file, copy the files out of it to your local drive, exit OneNote and run setup.exe. When done, you will see an Add-Ins tab when you start OneNote:




In this case, I have the Sort Sections addin installed as well as the Media Fine Tuner (which currently only works for 2007).  And I obviously did not update the icon.  The section sorter look and works the same as 2007 - when you click it, there is a pause while it sorts everything and then gives me this:



There was one other bug with the addin I fixed. Sections that had been part of section groups would get "pulled up" to the parent when you sorted. This should not happen any more.


I'll post the code for this next week since the blogging software only lets me attach one file at a time. In the meantime, you can enjoy alphabetizing your sections in 2010 format!


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


sort sections 2010.zip