We shipped a lot of OneNote today!

Wow - we shipped a TON of stuff today. OneNote for the Mac, a free OneNote for Windows users, the Office Lens app and an entire server system for everyone!

Here’s the information that I think is really great:

  1. There is a webinar for the Mac free for everyone tomorrow (English). You can sign up here: http://blogs.office.com/2014/03/17/office-15-minute-webinar-onenote-for-mac/ I've helped with these behind the scenes in the past and they have always been very useful for the people that attend and the rest of the team as well. We get to interact with the folks that use OneNote here and that is always a learning experience. I hope you have time to join in tomorrow!
  2. The developer portal for the service: http://dev.onenote.com/ This is great and will help remove the dependency of having a client running 100% of the time in order to get anything done. As one example, I can now (almost) delete my Outlook addin that copies mail to OneNote. You can just email yourself notes now! I have been beta testing this for months - it works really, really well.
  3. The clipping service http://blogs.office.com/2014/03/17/onenote-clipper-clip-the-web-right-to-onenote/. I did not win my argument to bring back this guy as the icon:


Take some time to explore everything we built! Let us know what you think!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,