C# Docs: MVP Doc Reviews

One of the hardest parts of my job is getting documents reviewed. We write a lot of C# documentation here (we’re not all Halo 2 addicts in this company ;-) ) and it's vital that it all gets thoroughly reviewed. Technical accuracy, style, content, security, globalization issues - there are many different aspects to checking docs. Thankfully, our team has an excellent Editor who helps us make docs that you might actually be able to read, but we also try to get as many developers as possible to read everything and make corrections and suggestions.


The problem is of course, that developers are busy.. well.. developing. Unless you are Master Chief, it’s hard to distract a developer from their keyboard and bank of six LCD monitors. We’re always working on ways to make the review process as easy as possible of course, but this time around we’re trying something a little different – making the most of our MVP buddies.


From now until ship date, a select (lucky?) band of MVPs will be given a topic a week, and asked to review it and email their comments. This week for example, they’re reading the topic on C# Exceptions and Exception Handling – a very important aspect of C# programming.


If you are in this group, many thanks – please be assured that the time you spend reviewing makes a big difference to the final docs, and that makes life just that little bit easier for every developer. Thanks!