C# Express and the WebBrowser control

I love the WebBrowser control - it makes it easy to create customized Web browsers in my C# applications (for example, adding tabs as in this article). Recently I was trying to find a way to block the custom browser from opening up new pages in a separate window - not least because the separate window wasn't my WebBrowser control anymore, it was Internet Explorer.

In other words, if the user clicked on a link that opened a page in a new browser, my application was just left hanging there like a nerd at a dance competition.

So I tried playing with some of the event messages that the WebBrowser fires off. Firstly, I tried the Navigation event - if that was fired when the user clicked on a link, surely I could trap it, and redirect it back to the original WebBrowser.

Sadly, the Navigation event doesn't seem to fire when clicking on a target="_blank" link. But... the NewWindow event does. This means I've been able to write code that traps a new window (the new Internet Explorer) from opening, which is a good start. However, after that I can only manage to force my WebBrowser control to open a specific page - I can't make it open the page that the new window was going to display. Here's the code that stops the window from opening.

private void webBrowser1_NewWindow(object sender, CancelEventArgs e)


      // Stop the new browser from opening.

      e.Cancel = true;

      // Go to a new webpage.



So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, thanks!