Diabetes Tracking System

I just had to post about the project my friend Lesley-Ann was working on, not only because it's won an award, but because it's a genuinely useful piece of software. Of course, it was developed using Visual Studio. Now I need to talk Lesley-Ann into developing a mobile version... Here's the link to the BBC News story, and here's the summary:

Five PhD students from the University of Ulster have won a £10,000 prize at a business awards ceremony.

The winning Infor-MED team designed a telecommunications tool which allows doctors to monitor and track type-2 diabetes patients at their homes.

They received the prestigious honour in the Investment Belfast Awards, held at the city hall.

Infor-MED's Lesley-Ann Black said they would use their winnings as seed capital to market their company.

"At the moment we're still students and looking for potential investors," she said.

"This money would give us the publicity and the little injection the company would require to get it onto the market."

The system - known as Di@l-log - works as an intelligent answering machine for diabetes patients.