Fix graphics glitches in VivoTab Smart ME400 tablet

I've been using the ASUS VivoTab Smart tablet as my laptop-replacement for a while now (it runs Visual Studio pretty well, but sadly lacks the 3D chops for Kerbal Space Program - the two pieces of software I use the most). Paired with the Microsoft Wedge Keyboard and Mouse, it makes a highly portable little system. The battery life is decent, and I can use a USB OTG cable for connecting USB stuff like USB Flashdrives. However, a recent Windows update scrambled something which caused occasional graphical glitches to appear in Metr... er.. non-Desktop mode. I was pleased to find this link to a fix, which has resolve my issues. (Ideally of course, I'd have a Surface Pro 2 and one of the new 8" Windows 8 tablets, but this will do for now.)