How can I make you love me?!

Last month was my last full month at Microsoft, which means it was also the last full month in which I had a chance of getting more hits on my blog than my manager. I didn't manage it! Despite the fact that he didn't have a single new post, he still beat me by a comfortable margin. That's the benefit of getting onto a lot of RSS feeds while in a different team, I guess...

So, perhaps there is still hope for this month. I might be gone at the end of this week, but at least my manager will see the stats for October.

 All I need to do is writing an amazingly popular blog post that hits Digg or SlashDot or something. Hmm.. I could leak some secrets.. or publish some pictures.. or leak some secret pictures..

You tell me: what should I do? I've nothing to lose :-) I'm leaving the company AND the country :-)

Update #1 

Did I mention that I spotted Steve Ballmer in a Subway last weekend?

Update #2

Is it just the fact that I work in the Windows Mobile team, or is it a trend in society in general that men think it is acceptable to hold a telephone conversation, or to send text messages and emails, whilst in the toilet? Here at work I always seem to notice chaps standing up, talking away on their phone, or on one memorable occasion, as I sat in the cubicle I was forced to hear the occupant next door telling a collection agency about his ex-wife's spending habits...