In Search of the Perfect Keyboard..

The release of Apple's new razor-thin keyboard earlier this week re-awakened my search for the perfect keyboard. As it's Friday and my brain is already in weekend mode, I've drawn up a list of some of the more interesting keyboards I've tried or wanted to try. I would welcome your suggestions too!


Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000

This is the current keyboard that I use in the office, and I think it's great. It's very thin, with laptop style keys arranged in a nice curve. It has a mouse built-in and plenty of other buttons too, which to be honest I don't use very much. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the PC, which means one less cable for me to worry about. Of course, you'll assume that I'm biased because it's from Microsoft, but I still think you should try it. Be warned: it's on the expensive side though. There is a 8000 model due next month or so, which is even cooler - it lights up, for heaven's sake!


Matius Tactile Pro

I heard nice things about this keyboard, but I've not had the chance to try it yet. It looks like a standard keyboard, but has expensive switches which a log of people like, and a form of dedicated key-macros. It also has built-in USB ports which is useful.


Das Keyboard

Ok, this one is just insane. I love it! It's completely blank. No need to worry about letters wearing off, or moving the keys around if you are a Dvorak user. If you can touch type, this will completely freak-out your office buddies.


Logitech diNovo Edge

Another super-slim keyboard, with a look of Bang and Olufson about it. Comes with a funky stand, and a neat scroll wheel. If you want to pretend you are living in the future, this is probably the keyboard to use. Logitech also make a keyboard called the Wave, which puts the keys at different heights, which sounds like it might be interesting.



Happy Hacking Lite2

If you have small hands, this is apparently a great choice. I've linked to the manufacter's website, but if you MSN Search it, you'll probably find some local stockists.


Optimus OLED

What if every key on your keyboard had a tiny little screen that could be changed with software? Um.. I'm not sure exactly, but it might look like this one...