MEDC Blog - Day 2

Today was spent mostly at the MEDUA booth in the Microsoft Pavilion. In other words, the team took shifts to meet and answer questions from everyone passing by. We had a few hiccups when the exhibition hall's WiFi seemed to go down for an hour, but in general I'm surprised at how well the Pocket PCs worked as a survey gathering tool. We're using a web-based survey client, that allows us to capture and analyze results extremely quickly. It would have been nice to have written a custom client in C#, but this is working out very well.

One thing I've enjoyed being able to say is "yes, you can do that". A lot of questions about Windows Mobile 5.0 and Visual Studio 2005 could be answered with "yes, you can do that" which is just great news and I'm happy to be able to say it. Everyone also notices the eHow-to videos and has comments which is great. If you are at the MEDC DevCon make sure to come by Thursday for one more chance to win a great Windows Mobile-based Smartphone!

Also, plenty of Windows Mobile 5.0 content is appearing on MSDN now. Check out this article for a comprehensive round-up of new features.