MEDC Blog - Day 3

Phew! It's over, my feet hurt and it was worth every second. Today I manned the booth from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and in fact got there a little early so I could take over some other booths that I knew would be vacant. Thanks to a handy flash thumb drive, MEDUA's new eHow-to videos spread onto at least three demonstration stations, and it was great to watch show attendees wander by and become hooked (well maybe that's a little of an exaggeration), but we did managed to pin down enough of you to get some excellent feedback on our documentation. It's great to know what features you as developers want us to concentrate our resources on documenting.

I was lucky enough to meet up several developers that I first met may back at my first ever Microsoft devcon, which was in Denver 6 years ago. It was great to see how they have been able to really push the mobile platform, and they were excited at what Windows Mobile 5.0 was going to offer them. I'm looking forward to getting back to damp and cool Redmond so I can start writing about all the 5.0 features I've been playing with! For me, putting faces to names that I've only emailed was a highlight of the event, and of course, meeting developers and hearing their excitement about what they were going to be able to do with 5.0.

Thanks to all the organizers and everyone who attended for making this a great devcon.