MEDC Is Coming!

MEDC is coming... The Mobile & Embedded Division DevCon starts next week is Las Vegas, and we're all starting to get into the spirit of things. Which means, basically, running around panicking trying to finish up projects, getting the planning for our booth completed, signing up for various meetings and commitments, going to talks about what to do and not to do when we meet you guys face to face (for example, I'm apparently not allowed to get drunk and gamble using the company credit card - it's good they cleared that up for me). Oh I had to go buy new shoes and trousers too, because I've been told that Sear's jeans and three-year-old trainers from Costco aren't suitable attire to meet developers. So you better all dress up nicely too, ya hear? ;-)


But what if you can't make it? Well, firstly, too bad - these events are packed with the information that every Mobile & Embedded developer needs to know, and the various talks and sessions are the best way to get your questions answered. I went to a similar Microsoft event in Denver about six years ago as an ISV, and it changed my life (ok, well, not least as I made some contacts that ended up with me working here, but that's another story. It was also very useful from a technical information point of view).


So if you can't make it to Las Vegas, console yourself with the knowledge that you can catch up with what is happening by checking your favourite blogs (I recommend Mike Hall's blog, and Peter Bernard's too), and by downloading podcasts. This conference is going podcast crazy, so you'll have a virtual television and radio station of material to watch. I'll try to blog from the site, and when I get back, I'll be bursting to share some source code, so definitely stay tuned.


I hope you will wander over to the MED User Assistance stand, check out what we're up to, tell us what you want to see in the documentation and just say "Hi" - meeting the people who use our tools is always a privilege.


And, here's a tip, ask us about taking a quick mini-survey and you could win some very cool prizes!

See you at MEDC!