Missing Windows Mobile 5.0 Documentation

From time to time, we find that we accidentally didn't publish some topics in the Windows Mobile SDK help, or that somehow we didn't include all the new topics we should have on MSDN (MSDN contains the most up-to-date collection of Windows Mobile documentation, by the way - you should always use it in preference to local help included with the SDKs).

The reasons for this are usually complicated and arcane (and probably my fault, which is why I don't dwell on it here) but that's no reason to deprive you of information. So until we update the official documentation, here's some pages I put on the Windows Mobile Developer Wiki:

Link: Missing Documentation

These first APIs are all to do with Power Management on Pocket PCs.

Update: I've added some more "missing" API documentation. I know the formatting is far from perfect, but until we get to update MSDN, this is better than nothing.