Mother's, SPOT and Starbucks - a sign of the times

You know that you are really living in the future when your mother sends an instant message to your SPOT watch telling you that Starbucks are opening their first coffee shop in Northern Ireland. Now when I return home for a visit I won't have to wander around in a daze for a few days while the blood levels in my caffeine stream return to normal.


If only Starbucks and Cadburys could come to some kind of trade agreement: Starbucks could open up more shops, and Cadburys could send the real chocolate over here (not the stuff made under license by Hershey. No offence, but I’m not a fan of America chocolate).


Anyway, one day I’ve a feeling my mother will be sending me instant messages from her laptop whilst sitting in her local Starbucks. By that point of course, my daughter will take great delight in calling me up on the videophone and taunting me by asking me what it was like to live in a world which used plastic optical discs to store music and why didn’t I just download what I wanted or stream it live? Youngsters. Don’t know they’re born.


Enjoy your holiday!