My New Spot

Don't worry, I'm not sharing epidermal skin care tips, rather I'm just very pleased with my new watch. I've always been a fan of SPOT watches, and use my Fossil watch daily - even though it had taken to resetting itself a lot (a design flaw with the first generation of watches).

I was very pleased therefore to get hold of a Fossil FX3005 watch as a replacement. The FX3005 is a bit smaller (good), a bit shinier (ooh! shiny!) and doesn't reset itself at all. It also has a much improved strap (now that I've worked out the catch mechanism). You can see the watch here on the Fossil site.

I also spotted the FX3005 for a great price on Amazon, so definitely check it out if you are looking for a present for the geek in your life (even if that geek is you). The pictures don't seem to do it justice, so maybe you should see it for yourself in a store before making your mind up.

As the watch is signed up to use the Spot MSN service, I get all my Outlook calendar information, IM messages, and even traffic information for my commute home or drive into Seattle. Apparently it also displays sport scores, but I don't use that option. For more information on Spot watches, there's a good fan site here, called SpotStop.

I find my watch much more convenient than even a Smartphone (yes, that's probably blasphemy as I work in the Mobile and Embedded Devices division), but then again, my poor Smartphone gets so many beta versions of various operating system releases flashed onto it, it never really has time to settle down and become my primary device.

Anyway, I've a new spot, and I like it. :-)