Not everyone dislikes Zune.. ;-)

To follow up to my previous post, it turns out not everyone dislikes the Zune. Perhaps surprisingly, Leander Kahney - Wired's "Cult Of Mac" columnist - wrote a piece entitled In Praise of the Zune. It's worth reading if you want to balance out to all the negativity out there on the Interwebtubes. I particularly liked this comment:

  "But the interface has certainly been taken a step further. In this respect, the Zune is the next-generation iPod."

There's also a Microsoft spoof "Mac vs. PC" video out there. To be clear, this is not and never will be a television commercial. It has been leaked to YouTube, and of course it has encouraged all sorts of comments. Just remember this video was an internal only video shown at the company meeting.It was just a joke. If your company doesn't take the time to poke fun at itself and the competition from time to time, then I'm sorry you don't work at a company as cool as Microsoft. :-)