Rain, lovely rain.

My friends in Redmond were complaining about the heat around the Seattle area during the week, and oh, my heart reached out for them in sympathy. Not.

Ireland is having rather a wet summer so far, and the forecast has it continuing for another month or two. If you need constant, hot sun and blue skies, then Ireland is perhaps not the country for you.

The climate here is more.. mild. It doesn't rain ALL the time, but it rains more than Seattle (and as every Seattle resident knows, the stories of the rain there are mainly hype to keep too many of the Californians from moving up).

This morning the weather consisted of that special Dublin Drizzle. Not hard rain, but constant and very, very wet. As I'm still cycling into the office, there was just no point trying to keep dry, so I simply wore my t-shirt and shorts and resigned myself to it. Truth be told, it wasn't that bad: almost refreshing in fact. And after a lovely hot shower in the Microsoft changing room, I felt pretty good.

One thing I learnt is that ABS brakes on cars are very good indeed: someone decided to enter the roundabout at top speed when I was already on it this morning, and they skidded to a halt about 20 centimetres from me. It was a scary moment - and I've not even healed up after my last incident. I think I shall invest in some very bright clothing, and perhaps walk across that particular road junction from now on.

Today in the office I've been trying to gauge interest in an XNA support group, to meet up at lunchtimes and write code. We'll see how everyone is fired up after Gamefest!