Snow Day

After working in Microsoft's Redmond campus for almost ten years, I was used to the two or three days a year when it snowed and complete and utter panic ensued. It was always exciting to watch the entire city of Seattle grind to a halt, and the Microsoft campus being closed - usually to howls of protest from the Fargo office, who seem to operate year-round under six feet of snow.

It was therefore enjoyable to see the same thing happen in my new Dublin, Ireland location. Dublin, and Ireland in general, is not known for its extreme weather. I grew up over the border near Belfast, and it was a lucky winter indeed that dropped more than the barest coating of snow.

This week Dublin received more snow that it has in about a decade. On the plus side, we all ran outside for a quick snowball fight. On the minus side, at home-time the traffic outside the Dublin offices was at a complete standstill for hours, one of the few times I've felt lucky that I don't own a car!