Social networking in the real world: TechLudd

By nature, I’m not what you would call a social chap. Meeting new people is something I find stressful, and of course, I am perhaps the worst person for remembering names in the entire universe (it’s a good thing my mummy sews a label with my name into all my clothes, or I’d probably forget that too).

However, one thing I do very much enjoy is getting together with some fellow nerds to talk shop. Programming techniques, platforms, open source developments, mobile technologies – this is the stuff that I like.

I therefore greatly enjoyed the local chapter of the ‘Open Coffee’ meet-ups that were held in Belfast. I met some smart people, and had a good chat that got me out of the house and away from the LCD monitor for a few hours a month.

Now that I’m Dublin, I need to look up the local version. One event that immediately caught my eye was TechLudd, which is having a meeting tonight. If you are interested in entrepreneurical computer and technology developments, it might be interesting. If you are going, and notice me lurking around, say Hi!