Unity 4.3 Announced - now with more Windows support!

Great news for game developers today: Unity 4.3 is out!

This new release packs in a lot of new features. For starters, they've lost a dimension: yup, writing 2D games in Unitty3D is now a lot easier with a new editor mode and 2D optimized physics modeler.

Other new features include improved scripting support (MonoDevelop 4.1 - yah!), animation improvements, better sprite support, various runtime optimizations, new source code management support..

Best of all, support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 has been improved with trial support, location and compass support, and of course, Visual Studio 2013 compatibility.

I'm going to be digging into it, but as I was already playing with the beta I already know is this excellent stuff.