Visual Studio 2005 - Launched! And CF2.0 too...

Wow, I can hardly believe that Visual Studio 2005 has finally launched. I started working on VS2005 a long time ago, back in the C++ and then C# teams. I'm delighted to see that it's finally "out the door", and even better, than my favourite version - the C# Express edition - is also available.

If you want to try C# development (on the desktop) and don't know where to start, the C# Express edition is for you. It's a fast download, it's free, you can build real applications with few limitations, it's free, and the documentation rocks (as I don't work in the C# Help team any more I can safely say that <grin>). Also, it's free.

Of course, as Mobile Developers you're also going to get to know Visual Studio very well, so make sure to check it out. And the really big news for mobile developers is the launch of the v2 of the Compact Framework. Faster, better, stronger, and a lot less than six million dollars.

Let there be coding!