Windows Mobile 6: Getting Started

I'm currently worried about the rather unapproachable nature of our Windows Mobile documentation. At times it seems to be like a smooth sphere, with no entry points. Once you get inside, and know what's going on, you can muddle through OK. But how can you get inside?

To that end, I'm trying to remember what it's like to be completely new to Windows Mobile. Rather than taking the approach of a sharp blow to the head, I've asked around, and tried to come up with some slightly more user-friendly (that's a word you don't hear much these days) introductions to getting started with developing with out platform.

I've love to hear your opinon on these 'portal pages'. Imagine they are at the highest level in the docs - when you are looking around for entry level stuff on developing, this is what you see. They'll link to existing topics, or new ones if nothing suitable exists.

 What important entry-level stuff are we missing? Both missing in terms of not actually documenting, and in terms of leaving out from these sample "roadmaps". What did YOU need when you were getting started? 

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Option 2

Option 3