Windows Mobile 6: New Content for MEDC Part 1

Finally, now that MEDC is under way, we're starting to roll out our new content for Windows Mobile 6.

  1. The very latest Windows Mobile 6 SDKs are available here to download.
    You should definitely give them a try! All you need is Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition or better. Once you have installed the SDKs, you can write applications that will run on Windows Moble 6 devices - but as there aren't any available just yet, you can write applications for the included Windows Mobile 6 Emulators. Very nice. And when the new devices do appear, you'll be all ready.
  2. New video tutorial: What's New in Windows Mobile 6: Sound APIs.
    This is a good one: Sandeep talks about the new APIs for playing sound in the Windows Mobile 6 universe.
  3. New video tutorial: An Introduction to Developing for Windows Mobile 6.
    This one is ok. Some idiot (i.e. me) tries to explain Windows Mobile 6, and what you'll need to get started writing applications.