Windows Mobile 6 SDK - August Documentation Update

The August update to the Windows Mobile SDK documentation has just gone live on MSDN. You should definitely use this online version of the docs over any locally installed documentation for both Windows Mobile 6, and Windows Mobile 5.0 reference.

This month you’ll find the following key improvements:

Managing Windows Mobile Powered Devices

This is a large section that discusses using XML files to “provision” a Windows Mobile device. Effectively, this means you can change some low-level settings (as long as your OEM / device allows it) by creating an XML file and calling an API called “DMProcessConfigXML”. Although aimed mostly at OEMs and Mobile Operators, we thought you should know about it, as it is very useful for adjusting settings without performing non-supported hacks to the Registry (oh yes, we know who you are ;-) )

Remember though, the specific settings you can adjust are controlled by the device's security policy.

Programming Techniques for Windows Mobile

This section has been updated again, and the most important topics added are:

Making use of Device-Specific Features
This short section provides an introduction to using the XML Provisioning tool, and also the State and Notification Broker.

Writing Applications that Access Databases
Another short section that introduces using databases in your application. Don’t be frightened of databases, it’s surprisingly easy to implement one.

Starter Kits

Good news for those of you who like sample code.. wait, that’s everyone, isn’t it? Well, we have a bunch of Starter Kits almost ready for release. Watch this space.. I think you’ll like them a lot.