Windows Mobile 6: What's New for the ISV?

By now, you're read about the new features in Windows Mobile 6, including improvements to security and HTML email and so on - all great stuff that's definitely going to make Windows Mobile devices the premier platform for accessing your work stuff (and fun stuff). But we're coders here - and what's in it for us?

Simply put, the goals of Windows Mobile 6 were to improve things for users, but also developers too. In other words, existing code will just work, but there are some great new features available if you want to use them. Here are some things that should make you very happy:

  • The .NET Compact Framework v2 is in ROM

  • SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition is in ROM

  • New APIs

    What OS update would be complete without some new APIs? This time around there are new APIs for sound but also an implementation of “Windows Mobile Ink”. This is pretty cool stuff, as it brings Tablet PC style inking to Windows Mobile.

  • New SDK and new Tools

  • Device Emulator version 2.

  • Cellular Emulator

  • GPS and Security tools

We'll look in more detail at the new features over the next days and weeks, don't worry. And if you particuarl questions, fire away.

 BTW - here's a great article that goes through the above in detail: What's New For Developers in Windows Mobile 6