Windows Mobile: Device Security Powertoy

One of the biggest pain-points for ISVs.. ok.. enough marketing speak. We know that device security is a huge pain in the backside for anyone writing software for Mobile Devices. It's very difficult to know exactly how an application will operate on a given device due to the different levels of security implemented by different OEMs and MOs and so on.

And that's what the Device Security Manager Powertoy is all about. Here's the blurb:

It is designed as a desktop application that ships with a preset list of “security configurations”. A security configuration can be thought of as a template, which contains a collection of individual policies and settings. For example, a security configuration could define policies such as whether unsigned applications are allowed to execute, whether RAPI is disabled etc. Using this tool, the developer can provision a Windows Mobile device with different configurations, and then test the application’s behavior under these configurations. This tool can be used either on an emulator or an unlocked Windows Mobile device.

Link: Device Security Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile 5.0 Released!