Windows Mobile Docs, wherefore art thou?

Hopefully you are aware that the best place to read the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK documentation is on MSDN. And certainly that's something I've been trying to mention in this blog as much as I can.

However, there is a small hitch in that MSDN is currently moving content to a new, faster, spiffier web server (called, imaginatively, MSDN2) and that means if you are using the same links to the docs you've always been using, you're probably still seeing old content.

 If, when reading the docs, your URL looks like:

then you should stop using that page, and instead use one that starts:

How do you get to the latest docs? Either use the Online Help option present in Visual Studio, or use this link to the latest docs:

Yes, admittedly that isn't very easy to remember, so we've created a shortcut. Tatoo it on the back of your hand, scribble it on a post-it note, or name your first born child after it:

See? Much easier to remember.