Windows Mobile Documentation: MSDN Shuffle

Back to work for a moment: if you now go to the MSDN site and check the Windows Mobile docs - in fact, the entire Windows Mobile and Embedded docs - you'll see one important difference: nothing. Well, hopefully you won't spot anything out of the ordinary.

However, in the background for weeks, we've been moving around every single topic we own, and sorting them into a considerably more logical platform/release structure. This sounds both trivial and common sense, but I should tell you that this was one of the first things I was tasked to do when I joined this team about two years ago.

In order to move these docs around, poor Troy on the production team had to create massive lists of instructions for the MSDN engineers to follow. We had to create new entry pages. We had to try and work out what to do with older content (Pocket PC 2000, anyone?) that we're legally obliged to include. We also had to work out where Windows Mobile 6 content, and any future content, would go. All the teams involved had to buy-off on the moves.

So, in between writing documentation, we finally found time to do this in the past month, and it went live yesterday. There are still a few bugs that need ironed out (we can't change the .Net Micro Framework's extra quotation mark in the title for example - that belongs to a different team, and the request to change need to be filed in triplicate, recycled as firelighters, and fed to the Bugblatter Beast of Traal ), but things will settle down soon. No URLs that point to content have been changed as far as I know, so if you have bookmarks, they'll still work.

If this is the kind of thing that interests you, maybe there is a career for you in the exciting world of programmer/writing and information engineering! :-)