Windows Mobile Survey Results - Project "More Code!"

At the end of last year, we performed one of most successful surveys ever of Windows Mobile SDK users. We got a ton of great information, and I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to answer all those questions. The lucky winners of the gift cards should have received their prizes by now - and if you aren't a winner this time, don't worry: we'll definitely have more opportunities for you to win in the very near future.

Although we are still analyzing all the information we obtained, perhaps the most striking feature is the number of pleas for more sample code in the documentation. I hear you. Personally, I need to see lines of C++/C# to funny understand a reference topic, and if I can cut and paste it into my project with minimal changes, even better (and that's one time that the Refactoring option provided C# in Visual Studio 2005 is worth it's weight golden bytes).

Anyway, if you have found a location in the docs where you think we should provide a some code, or if you want to suggest a technology that needs a complete sample, now is the time to say. I'm making my own list to get into the docs, but I would love to get your input too.

Just add a comment to this post: where in the docs would you like to see more code?